Total Wireless VS Verizon – Which one is the Best?

Total Wireless and Verizon – Overview

Total Wireless is a brand operated by TracPhone Company that is Mexico’s largest telecommunication services provider. Total Wireless does not have its own network operator instead it works with other telecommunication operators through contracts and agreements. They resell MNOs at cheap rates.

It has contracts with some of the other wireless network operators of the United States such as Verizon and Simple Mobile. It is one of the leading network services providing the company with more than 25 million subscribers.

Verizon Wireless is America’s leading network providing the operator with 120.3 million subscribers. Verizon has purchased TracPhone in 2020 that was worth $6.25 Billion. It operates on a 4G LTE network. Verizon wireless provides its services on various mobile devices.

Now Verizon is working on providing its customers a 5G (fifth generation) network. It has various telecommunication plans.

There are some features of all the wireless telecommunication companies

  • Unlimited phone calls
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Unlimited 2G data
  • Wi-Fi calling
  • Mobile Hotspot
  • Customer rewards
  • Parental control option

Total Wireless and Verizon – Speed Test

As we know that upload and download speed are different from each other so, according to the recent research on the download and upload speed of Total Wireless and Verizon Wireless, total wireless has download speed more than the Verizon Wireless. Whereas the upload speed of Verizon is better than Total Wireless.

Let’s have a speedy look at the table showing the results of experimentation done by the Ookla app.

Download Test

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Upload Test

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Total Wireless and Verizon – Prepaid Plans

Total Wireless Prepaid Plan

Total Wireless offers a various prepaid plan to its customer, and provide them an opportunity to connect with other people around the globe. The table below shows their different plans and pricing.

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This is the monthly data plan for each category, 1 month = 30 days. You can enjoy unlimited data at 2G speed whereas 5 GB data of high – speed internet.

Note:  Company is fully authorized to change the pricing anytime, so please visit their website to verify the plans.

Prepaid Planning for Basic Phones

Total wireless does not provide telecommunication services to smartphones only. It has packages for basic phones like a flip flop and simple phones. For basic phone company has a $25 plan for unlimited phone calls and texting. You can’t find more cheap rates anywhere.

But if you have a smartphone or iPhone then you can also enjoy this individual plan with 1 GB of data. They don’t demand any roaming charges. If you run out of data in their monthly plan you can supplement that with 5 GB of data for $10. Good thing is that there are no hidden charges in their planning.

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Verizon – prepaid planning

Verizon wireless provides 5 different unlimited plans to its users. They do not include any roaming charges in US. 5 unlimited data plans are below.

  • Start Unlimited: For $70, 4G networking, data, phone calls, messaging, and 480p video streaming, no hotspot.
  • Play More Unlimited: For $80, 5G networking ( only for 5G compatible devices), HD video streaming,25 GB premium data, 15 GB LTE mobile hotspot.
  • Do More Unlimited: For $80, 5G access, premium data, 50GB hotspot usage, and 500 GB cloud storage.
  • Get More Unlimited: For $90, 5 GB, HD video streaming, unlimited mobile hotspot usage, 75GB premium data.
  • Just Kids Unlimited: For $50, 20 contacts unlimited calls and messaging, 5GB data, 480p video streaming, safety mode, content filter, location tracking.

Amazingly, they have a solution for all the problems. If you do no find any of these plans compatible with your needs you can purchase their other plans that start from $35 to $60 with an unlimited phone call, messaging and data roaming around the globe.

Verizon Wireless also provides their customer’s bonus deal. You can check out their website for all these deals. For basic phone and simple plan, you can go for their basic plan having unlimited phone calls, messaging, 500 MB data in just $30 for 30 days.

Total Wireless and Verizon – Phones

Total Wireless – Phones

There is a vast range of mobile phones provided by Total Wireless such as Apple, Motorola, Samsung, LG, and many more. When you purchase the phone you have to activate one of their plans. They often give mobile phones with their service plan.

They also provide monthly installments on expensive phones and plans. After purchasing the mobile phone you will activate one of the Total Wireless service plans and insert a sim card in it. You do not need to change the number, you can go for the same number if you want.

Verizon- Phones

Like Total Wireless Verizon also has a wide range of mobile phones like Apple, ASUS, Blackberry, HTC and many more. Same here you do not need to change the number you can use the same existing number.

But the devices they sell are usually expensive and unfortunately, they do not have any installment plan for expensive phones.

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Total Wireless and Verizon – Customer Support

Total Wireless

Unfortunately, the customer service of Total Wireless is very slow. They take at least 2 weeks to solve the problem after receiving a complaint call. With all the best services they are providing they must improve in this field too.


We have seen that many telecommunication services providing companies face the issues of slow service so, Verizon is also not an exception. They should also improve and overcome the issues related to this department as their network is providing services to almost 70% of the world.

Total Wireless and Verizon – Customer Review

Total Wireless

Most of the reviews of customers tend to be good. Low rate prepaid plans and speedy connection attract many people.

Most of the people like the kid’s plans as they can control their child’s data usage and can easily pre-pay the plan if they reach the data limit before. They can now check their child’s activities which is the best thing for this network. People are purchasing more devices associated with this network.

They make sure complete privacy and do not leak your information to anyone so their security plan is also very good. Anyone can buy it and will be solely responsible for his activities. This is more a simple and convenient plan. That is why people are moving towards it more.


People are very much convinced of their response towards the COVID-19 pandemic. Users can enjoy unlimited calls, 3 times more wireless bandwidth for the children who are not being able to go to school due to pandemics.

People also like the parental control options in this network. Now parents are more cautious and know about their child’s activities. They can use a safety mode feature that is not provided by any other wireless company.

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Total Wireless and Verizon – Pros and Cons

Total Wireless

  • Affordable Plans
  • Excellent Coverage
  • Limited full speed data
  • Data deprioritization
  • Slow customer service


  • Affordable Plans
  • Excellent Coverage
  • 5G not accessible at some places
  • Expensive phones
  • Slow customer Service

Total Wireless and Verizon – Coverage

Without signals you cannot connect with the world, you neither call anyone nor text. So, everyone wants to have high speed network service. Total Wireless is basically a reseller that uses Verizon’s services and of course, Verizon is the most high speed network and provides telecommunication services to 70% of the world.

There is a map showing Verizon and other networks

[wpcharts type=”horizontalbarchart” bgcolor=”” max=”71″ legend=”false” titles=”Sprint,T-mobile,AT and T,Verizon” values=”0,10,20,30,40,50,60,70″]


To Sum-up, Total Wireless provides its users with the best and cheap plans. They also give you an ad-on option to use if your plan expires prior to the date. It is much more compatible and anyone can easily handle it. No need to worry about your privacy and personal information. They will not reveal your identity.

Moreover, this plan is very good in terms of providing parental control to check the activities of your child with limited data. You can check your child’s watch history. Another benefit of this network is that they have cheap phones associated with them and they also prove bonuses to their customers for using their services.

The only drawback is the customer services that are very slow. But you can rely on it due to its speed and unlimited talk and text plans.

Whereas Verizon Wireless does not provide unlimited hotspot. It is a pre-paid service providing company. It has a widely spread network and covers almost 70% of the world’s area. It is convenient to use but the devices associated with them are really very expensive.

Verizon Wireless also provides parental control options and safety mode. It is also providing 5G services but according to the customer reviews, 5G is not accessible everywhere which is a drawback. Moreover, its plans are a bit more expensive.

So, it’s up to you, you can choose any of the networks depending on your need and budget.


Is Verizon Wireless the best networking site?
You can say that Verizon Wireless is the best networking site but it depends more on what is your budget and how much data you need. It is also providing 5G access but in some areas only.
Can I connect my Verizon Wireless to home internet?
Yes, you can connect your Verizon wireless to home internet by mobile hotspot but Verizon provides a limited hotspot facility. You have to use add-on plans for this.
Is Total Wireless part of Verizon?
Yes, Total Wireless is a part of Verizon. Actually, Total Wireless is a reseller and sells plans at cheap rates.
Can I switch my Verizon Wireless to Total Wireless?
Yes, you can switch your Verizon Wireless connection to Total Wire but it’s not that much easy as it seems to be. You have to first purchase a Total wireless compatible phone for activation.
Is Total Wireless better than Verizon Wireless?
If we will talk about cheaper rates than Total wireless is good in terms of that. It also provides an unlimited hotspot which is not included in Verizon plans.
Can I transfer my new number to Verizon?
Yes, you can but make sure that the device you are using is compatible with to Verizon network. Otherwise, it will not activate. Verizon devices are expensive than Total Wireless devices.


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