Straight Talk VS Total Wireless- Which One is Better?

If you’re looking for a carrier that is compatible with your budget and you want to save your money there are many options you can consider such as Straight Talk and Total Wireless. But there is a long debate that which one among these two is best and offer more good service and plans that can fit according to your budget. A lot of people are confused that which one of these two is providing better services and pricing so there is a comparison for making your decision easy.

Similarities between Straight Talk and Total wireless:

Both Total wireless and Straight Talk belong to came company TracFone, these two are actually MVNOs and these are owned by TracFone. , both Straight Talk and Total Wireless are cellular providers and buy rights to use from four big cellular companies AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. As they belong to the same parent company it doesn’t mean that one of them is automatically interoperable on Total Mobile networks like all billing, customer service, and other services will go through individual providers for example you can’t call Total Wireless to refill your Straight Talk account and vice versa. Both companies offer prepaid plans without any contract, if you like their services you may choose it for a lifetime and if its packages and services are not suitable for you, you can switch to other networks anytime.

Straight Talk:

Straight talk
Straight talk is America’s biggest budget carrier.

Straight Talk is the largest non-contract cellular provider nationwide with 25 million customers, owned by the TracFone brand. It is basically a Mobile Virtual Network Operator that uses AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon towers for its services.

Wal-Mart is an exclusive retailer of Straight Talk but phone and cellular services can be purchased directly from Straight Talk’s official site.

Plans and pricing:

Straight Talk has a wide variety of cell phones and data plans for everyone ranging from low prices to high, depending upon your budget. You can get these offers at Wal-Mart and on They offer unlimited and fixed data plans, so they offer something for everyone.

Straight Talk offers a $45 plan with 25GB of high-speed data it is actually a very good package compared to the $35 per month plan, which only includes 5GB of high-speed data then it slowdowns to 2G speeds for the rest of the billing cycle. One of the good and amazing offers that Straight Talk offers is its unlimited data plans offering 10GB mobile hotspot data for just $55. But they do not offer any family plans, they only have 2 lines of services along with 3-month, 6 months, 12-month data plans at very cheap and discounted rates. They also offer some lower price plans with auto-refill

Network partners:

Straight Talk is owned by TracFone and it does not have any tower instead it buys rights from four big networks: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint but the customers don’t get access to all four networks at the same time. They can choose only one network at a time the network will be chosen based on location, coverage, and device.

Straight Talk plans:

Straight talk offers the cheapest prepaid data and calling plans in the market, no other carrier will offer you unlimited data services in these rates.

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  • Straight Talk offer prepaid wireless plans.
  • They provide noncontract services.
  • Many discounts for enrolling and using the auto-refill program
  • International text and calling services are available as an add-on calling card or as a component of a complete cell phone plan with minimum rates.
  • Also, offer online payment methods such as credit and Debit cards.
  • 7-day customer services by phone from 8 am to 11:45 pm.
  • Do not provide good coverage in some areas.
  • Data speed slowdowns to 2G after reaching the cap.
  • Do not offer family plans.

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Total Wireless:

Total Wireless
Total Wireless provides you cheap plan.

Total Wireless is a newly build carrier that was launched in 2015 and it is also an MVNO owned by Tracfone wireless brands, it uses coverage provided by Verizon’s network towers. It is also 4G LTE

Devices and service plans are available through the Total Wireless official website and on Wal-Mart’s website they are also retailers of Total Wireless, moreover, you can also check out at Target, Wal-Mart, and Dollar General Stores. There may be some variations in call quality because Total Wireless do not use Verizon’s voice VoLTE instead they use CMDA that may affect voice quality in many areas.

Plans and pricing:

Total Wireless offers a great variety of phone plans ranging from low to high in prices, making your choice easy, you can choose any plan that suits your budget and uses, you are free to choose. The good thing about Total Wireless plans is that they offer family plans up to 4 lines ranging from $25 to $100, they offer auto-refill plans if you are shopping from their official website. They also offer many discounts, but they do not offer any unlimited data plans so for, so if you are looking for unlimited data at a small price you shouldn’t choose Total wireless, they don’t have an unlimited data offer.

Total Wireless offers many plans from a single line to 4 lines with different prices such as they offer:

  1. $25/month – 1GB high-speed data, with the auto-refill price, is $23.70
  2. $35/month – 5GB high-speed data, with the auto-refill price, is $33.20
  3. $50/month – 25GB high-speed data + 50GB along with cloud storage to store all your files and photos, with an auto-refill price is $47.50.

Network partners:

Total Wireless does not own a network instead it uses the same networks as the big three companies Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. it’s up to the customer to select any one of these had better coverage in his area, as some networks such as T-Mobile do not have good coverage in many areas of USA, but the customer can only select one network at a time, using four networks allotter is not possible.

Talk wireless plans:

Talk Wireless offers many plans for single line to 4 lines with affordable prices; they have many plans for calling, texting and data services but they do not offer unlimited data:

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  • No contract or credit check is needed while sign in.
  • Offer many family plans.
  • Do not need to change your phone number you can have your old phone and number.
  • Offer cheap add-ons.
  • Many reward programs.
  • 5% auto-refill discount.
  • Great coverage with high network speed.
  • International calling option.
  • Offer lease for phone purchasing.
  • Basic plans do not have many options.
  • Do not offer any unlimited data plans.
  • No plan for international texting.
  • No mobile hotspots.
  • Offering lease to own with expensive interest fees.

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As we have a detailed review on both Straight Talk and Total Wireless plans, coverage, services so I think both Straight Talk and Total Wireless offer better budget options. They both offer different affordable plans at a variety of price points and you can choose any of them according to your budget.

If you have a very low budget you can switch to a total wireless 5GB option for just $35 for 1 month with unlimited talk and text, it also has a family plan by offering multiple lines, it offers some of the best and affordable prices you will hardly get on any other carrier for 3-4.  Total Wireless uses Verizon’s network that provides great coverage and high speed.

For people truly on a budget, it’s hard to beat the Total Wireless 5 GB option for $35 per month that also includes unlimited talk and text. Likewise, if you need multiple lines especially 3-4, Total Wireless has some of the best prices you can get on any carrier. And it uses Verizon’s network, so you’re getting great speed and coverage to go with it.

If we talk about the budget and data plans of Straight Talk it will give you more data at a low price, as Total Wireless doesn’t offer any unlimited plans, but Straight talk has many unlimited plans for its customers. It offers 2 lines unlimited data plan for just $45 per month.


What is the difference between Straight Talk and Total Wireless?
Both Total Wireless and Straight Talk are Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) However, there are significant differences between Straight Talk and Total Wireless in plans, pricing, and retail availability, if we talk about major differences then Straight talk offers unlimited data bundles at affordable ranger but it does not offer any family plan, instead Total wireless offers 3-4 line plans, straight Talk has better and Vast areas of coverage compared to Total Wireless.
Is Total Wireless is as good as Verizon?
the only comparison we can have between total wireless and Verizon is in terms of price range and speed test, If we run a speed test by Okla. app three times on each phone, we found that Total Wireless had faster download speeds two out of three times whereas Verizon’s average was 20 Mbps and Total Wireless’ average was 24.7 Mbps hence Verizon’s upload speeds beat out Total Wireless all three times.
What tower does Straight Talk wireless use?
Straight Talk is an MVNO carrier so it does not own any wireless network and does not have any tower to provide services, instead it has purchased rights to use towers from AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint.
Does Straight Talk wireless have good coverage?
According to customer’s review, Straight Talk is providing the best-prepaid coverage all over the country, it provides coverage on Verizon’s network towers, so if someone is facing coverage issue it might be possible that Verizon is not proving good coverage in that area, so before switching your phone to Straight Talk you should check the coverage on the official website of Straight talk or Verizon.
Is Total Wireless is compatible with Straight Talk?
Yes, it is very easy to use Straight Talk sim card on Total wireless phones and vice versa, they both are compatible with each other because they both are using the same Verizon network, and if your phone is compatible with any of them if can use either Straight Talk or Total Wireless.
What carrier is compatible with Total Wireless?
Only CDMA phones or Verizon compatible devices can use Total Wireless services, simply it can be checked through their compatibility checker, if your phone is not compatible with Total Wireless you have to purchase a new one.
Will a Total wireless phone works on Straight Talk?
Both Straight Talk and Wireless Phones actually use Verizon’s network, so they both are compatible with one another, as they’re using the same Verizon network, so you can use any. Even you can switch your phone from inactivated Total wireless to Straight Talk.


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