Straight Talk vs Cricket Wireless

As the rivalry between the two needs no introduction Straight Talk and Cricket Wireless are in the battle of providing the customer with the best-prepaid plans. They both run on AT&T’s LTE network.

AT&T relaunched The Cricket brand and absorbed AlO. Since then they have introduced a great variety of new plans according to customer need and revised existing data plans.

TracFone Wireless and Walmart co-owned Straight Talk. A small number but well-rounded data plans were given to the customers and got very successful.

The biggest difference between the two is the SPEED. Cricket Wireless puts the limit on speed while the speed on Straight Talk is unlimited.

From here on we will give you all the aspects related to Straight Talk and Cricket Wireless so that you can have all the important details and can choose according to your need.

To start with both Cricket Wireless and Straight Talk provide great value to customers and save a lot of money in comparison to contract-based plans. AT&T owns a good network nationwide with lots of HSPA & LTE coverage.

Prepaid plans are an affordable alternative to traditional contract plans. Either you bring your phone with you or you have to buy a new phone that costs around $650. Even with such a high initial upfront expense, such prepaid plans are still good saving in the long run

Straight Talk:

Straight talk
Straight talk is America’s biggest budget carrier.

With around 25 million American customers Straight Talk wireless is America’s biggest budget carrier. Among Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) Straight Talk uses AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon towers so you get all the network benefits simultaneously.

Straight Talk’s primary customer is very keen on data availability and a budget range of $35 to $55 monthly. Straight Talk has given an exclusive distribution contract to Walmart so you are only going to find it in their stores nationwide. Straight Talk’s website can also provide you their phone as well as cellular services.

Straight Talk Plans:

Straight Talk provides you with three main plans from $35 to $45 per month:

  • Unlimited: $55 per month ( $50 for three months with auto refill)
  • 25 GB: $45 per month ( $44 with auto-refill)
  • 3 GB : $35 per month ( $34 with Auto-refill

One big disadvantage Straight Talk customers face is that during busy hours these customers are not the priority. Verizon’s Wireless customers are given priority during peak hours

Straight Talk now is providing a 2 line customer unlimited plan for $90 a month. Previously they didn’t offer family plans.

Value for Money:

All in all, you can say Straight Talk’s $45 25GB plan gives the most benefit to the single-line user between the 2 carriers

  • Excellent speed providers
  • Compatibility with a large number of phones.
  • Great coverage options
  • Promo discounts availability on a wide range of Android and iPhones
  • Least activation fee $0.99
  • Variety of International packages
  • Lacks data-free music streaming feature
  • Poor quality customer service
  • Limited primary plans only 3
  • Family plan not available
  • Hot spot limited availability on $55 plan

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Cricket Wireless:

cricket wireless
The biggest plus point of cricket wireless is that they offer a wide variety of plans between the range of $25 to $60 monthly.

Cricket was purchased by AT&T In 2013 even before that they were the 5th largest carrier in the United States of America and still has an extensive network across many states including Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and a lot of others. Now Cricket is providing prepaid budget plans.

Cricket Wireless provides exclusive service across the country through AT&T’s networks. Cricket has put a speed cap of 8 Mbps on most of their plans. And it might not be the one for internet streaming junkies.

The biggest strength of Cricket Wireless is the wide variety of plans they offer between the range of $25 to $60 monthly on each line before discount. It means people with multi-line usage can benefit from the discount offers as well.

Cricket Wireless Plan

Cricket Wireless is a provider of a wide range of plans but here we will mention the most popular ones.

  • 2GB For $30
  • 5GB For $40
  • Unlimited Buy Your Own Data For $40 ( limited time )
  • Cricket Core(Unlimited) For $55
  • Cricket More(Unlimited + 15GB Mobile Hotspot) For $60

Here come the tricky limits are given with *

*The Cricket Core plan limits the speed to 3Mbps

*The Cricket more provides unlimited data access at 4G LTE speeds. Although users can face slow speed due to Congestion.  Only this plan offers the availability of Hotspot for customers.

  • Wide variety of low range smartphones
  • Online activation is free
  • Great discounts on family lines
  • International testing is unlimited to 38 countries with a higher-tier plan
  • AT&T networks coverage
  • Get your own phone is available with a wide range of compatibility options
  • Below average customer service
  • No free music streaming available
  • Highest paid plan to get a hot spot
  • Highest LTE cost

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Straight Talk vs Cricket (Family plans):

Straight Talk doesn’t provide the customer with a family plan. They have introduced 2-lines unlimited package for $90. This is overall $20 cheaper than individual plans.

Cricket Core plans include family plans ranging from 2 to 5 lines with a cost range of $80 to $125. This Cricket Core plan includes the following:

  • Unlimited Calls and messages
  • Unlimited Data at 3 Mbps
  • Unlimited Video Streaming at 480P

Cricket Wireless also has 5GB per line plans at 8Mbps speed costing $80 – $125 for 2-5 lines.

When it comes to family plans cricket is a clear winner

Better choice: Cricket

Straight Talk vs. Cricket: Coverage and Performance

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As Cricket uses AT&T’s network the coverage is excellent but the limitation of speed is going to affect performance.

Straight Talk on the other hand uses multiple carrier networks so it’s a little complicated. The phone has to be compatible with your network. Sprint phone uses SIM card to run on Straight Talk.

If you choose to buy a phone from Straight Talk it will choose a GSM network either T-Mobile or AT&T. The major difference is that Straight Talk doesn’t have the speed cap.

If you have to choose an area according to your home. AT&T is not a reasonable choice if you think Verizon has better coverage in your area. Here clear advantage goes to Straight Talk.

Better choice: Straight Talk

BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) Straight Talk vs Cricket Wireless:

Phone compatibility is a feature for both phones. You can check on-site if your phone is compatible with the network or not. Then you can buy a SIM card, charge it and choose the plan of your choice.

Better choice: BOTH.

Straight Talk vs Cricket Wireless: Choice of Right Phone

Phone can be bought from both Straight Talk and Cricket Wireless. Under $300 you can find a good variety of smartphones from both carriers. Straight Talk has a better selection though so choice options can be better with them.

A leasing option is available with both carriers. Here you have to pay the interest above the base cost if the lease period is of 2 years. Straight Talk is a better choice here because they will not charge you any interest you pay within a year.

On the contrary, Cricket offers Progressive Leasing which means if your payments are delayed from 3 months you will end up paying almost double the amount.

Better choice: Straight Talk

Straight Talk vs Cricket Wireless: Customer service

Both the carriers provide below-average customer services. Still, with Straight Talk, you can expect that your problem might be resolved but with Cricket you need to try to solve your problem on your own.

Here are there till- free numbers but prey that you do not have to use them.

  • Cricket Wireless 1-800-274-2538
  • Straight Talk 1-877-430-2355

Better Choice: Straight Talk.

Final Conclusion:

With two products under comparison, it’s always a difficult choice. Straight Talk or Cricket Wireless which carrier you would choose. In the end, I can say that you have to choose a plan and carrier according to your requirements which suit you best.

Straight Talk

For single users, Straight Talk provides a great plan of 25 GB for $45.

Cricket Wireless

For people looking for family plans, Cricket Wireless provides the best plans.


Is straight talk better then cricket?
The competition between straight talk and cricket is pretty neck to neck. Most of the individual users prefer straight talk, especially because the $45 plan provides 25GB. On the other hand, cricket wireless have very solid family plans and particularly if you are looking for multi-line deal cricket wireless would be definitely your first choice.
Is straight talk is as good as Verizon?
In the competition, the straight talk $45 plan is $10 cheaper than Verizon and the same sized 5GB plan but Verizon is the best LTE service in-country comparing with all other LTE carriers and not only Verizon all the other carriers are offering faster and better LTE speed then Straight talk. So despite offering so cheap and good plan straight talk fails to match the quality and LTE of Verizon.
Is Cricket phones service any good?
Cricket uses the AT&T network and as most people know that they are weak at providing fast Data speed but still the overall coverage and services are pretty good. AT&T is the same network that most of the fast carrier uses and with 68%of coverage around the country with 4G, it’s pretty good at this point.
What cell phone carrier does straight talk use?
The straight talk uses MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). Most of the cell phone companies do not have their own tower but partner with one or more companies to provide network coverage. This is also becoming the most selling point of the Straight talk that it shares the network coverage of all Big four companies which are Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Straight talk is weak in Data speed but as far as the network coverage is concern they are providing good coverage all over the country.


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