How to set up voicemail on tracfones?

A tracphone, or TracFone, is a prepaid telephone that gives you the availability of an agreed plan without the responsibility. Tracphones have gotten substantially more famous in the previous few years as more peoples are changing to prepaid plans.

You are busy working, your family friends call you you can’t answer them, but they don’t know that you are busy so they might be angry. Now you have to do one thing. Go and buy tracphone and set up voicemail. What? Don’t know how to set up voicemails?

Follow these simple steps to set up voice mail on your tracphone

  • The first step is to press the receiver icon on your tracphone.
  • Then press 1 for some time doing that will open the voicemail page.
  • Then follow the voice and press the number according to the language you want to use.
  • Press the # key that will confirm the changes.
  • Please type the 4 to 7 digits password and then press # and confirm it.

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(password can’t be consecutive numbers or same numbers in a row)

  • Then follow the voice and say your first and last name with a clear and loud voice and confirm by pressing #.
  • Listen to your recording if the voice is clear press # and confirm and if you want to re-record press * and then after listening again ensure.
  • You might be given the option of selecting the message so select from the available templates by pressing the number that correlates with your desired message. Some phones can record your voice so, record and confirm your message by pressing #.

Now your voice mail is set up

  • If you want to change your message in the future, you can do that by simply dialing one and then enter the password when asked and enter 4.
  • You can get your instructions only for your specific phone model
  • type voicemail in the message and send it to 611611.
  • Instructions would be in your inbox.

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How to check voicemail from another phone?
There is a critical voicemail you have to listen to, but suddenly your phone shut down due to a low battery. What will you do now? Don’t worry, and you can check that on someone’s phone by following these simple steps. (1) Acquire someone’s phone and call yourself (2) During voicemail greetings press * key (3) You’ll be transferred to your voicemail pin. Enter the pin and press # to confirm. (4) Now you can listen to your voicemails.
How to reset my Tracfone voicemail password?
Want to reset your password do these simple steps 1• Open the App 2• click setting 3• Then type the current password. 4• Click the password 5• Type old password 6• Then a new password 7• Retype the new password for confirmation and click confirm 8• Your password is updated.
Why Tracfone voicemails don't show up?
There are many reasons why the tracphone voicemail does not show up like Wi-Fi problems, Data problems, and problems with other apps that are not configured rightly can cause the issue voicemails don’t show up.
How do I listen to voicemail without data?
There are two methods to listen to voicemail without data 1• Dial *86 and listen to your voicemail 2• Dial your number and listen to your voicemail without data.
How can I find my voicemail number?
These are the steps to find your voicemail number. 1• Click menu 2• Then setting 3• Then click call setting 4• Click voicemail 5• Click one more time 6• View the number.
Is the voice mail number and phone number the same?
No the mobile number and the voicemail number are not the same, but you can access your voice mail through your number from a different cell phone.
Can I change my voicemail number?
yes, you can change your voicemail number easily by doing these simple steps • Click “voicemail number.” Then you can type a new number or edit the existing number. Click “ok” to save changes

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