Samsung Galaxy S3 VS J3 – Which One Is Better?

When we talk about budget phones, the choices are clearly in abundance. However, when we narrow it down to a particular mobile platform and market, the choice becomes much easier. Two of the best budget phones right now are the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy J3.

Aside from being somewhat aesthetically challenged, the Galaxy S III feels like a very well-built device. It’s thin, light, and shaped just right to make handling it a joy. If you’re after a more affordable taste of Samsung’s smartphone stylings then the £150 Galaxy J3 might serve as a suitable fit. It packs in some premium touches, like a Super AMOLED display but beyond that might run a little dry in terms of interest for some users.

Therefore, if you are in search of a quality phone in an affordable range, go for these two smartphones (Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy J3). For your help, I am comparing the specs and features of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy J3, so that you will get an idea of which one suits your need and takes the cake.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung has made a big deal about this new phone, not only choosing to launch it at a big and glitzy standalone event in London as well as a huge media blitz during the 2012 Olympics but also claiming nearly 10 million pre-orders before it’s even launched.

The price is pretty palatable for a top-end phone – in fact, every major US service provider is expected to carry the phone. Simply put, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is already much, much cheaper than any iPhone would ever launch for.

Samsung Galaxy S3

If you want a device for 3D gaming, HD video streaming, and surfing the web like a pro — I don’t mean faffing around with mobile versions of websites or lightweight apps — the S3 has the superpowered engine and massive display you’re looking for.


  • Display: This phone really is all about its screen. At four inches from corner to corner, with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and with that all-important Super AMOLED tech, it’s supposed to be one of the best out there.
  • Dimensions: With dimensions of 122.4mm x 64.2 x 9.9 mm it’s a good 5mm taller than many rivals and about the same amount wider.
  • Sleekness: That sleekness also comes across in the phone’s design. Aside from its Samsung logo, the front of the phone is very clean and simple, and the pattern of little dots on the back of the phone does retain this sleekness – albeit less effectively.
  • Micro USB Socket: The micro USB socket for charging and data transfer is hidden behind a sliding door, rather than a cumbersome plastic flap or just being left exposed.
  • Gorgeous 4.8-inch 720p screen.
  • Slick lightweight design.
  • Slot for microSD card.
  • Good quality 8 Megapixel camera.
  • TouchWiz interface can be confusing.
  • Premium price.


Samsung Galaxy J3

With stellar battery life, a bright screen, and a sharp camera, the latest Samsung Galaxy J3 ticks most boxes for the average phone user.

The new Galaxy J3 is frustratingly sluggish, even when navigating around. Its battery doesn’t last as long as last year’s model (just about 14 hours, versus 15 and a half). And there’s actually less RAM than 2016’s J3 (1.5GB versus 2GB).

Samsung Galaxy J3

It’s one of the bestselling budget smartphones today and you’ll be hard-pressed to find better value for money from a leading phone manufacturer like Samsung or Apple.


  • Design: It’s slim, light, and its footprint is similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S7. This is a comfortable and practical shape and size.
  • NFC: Also a standout feature is the inclusion of NFC, although this could easily have been omitted from the phone without the budget audience even noticing.
  • Micro SD Slot: Note that the phone does feature a microSD slot beneath the back cover, so limited memory isn’t a reason to dismiss the J3 altogether.
  • Speedy Processor: The Galaxy J3 is perfectly speedy at web browsing and everyday tasks, but of course for heavy-duty gaming, you’ll struggle at the budget end.
  • Stellar battery life.
  • Impressive display.
  • The 13 Mp rear LED camera is nice and detailed.
  • Near-field communication lets you pay with your phone.
  • Get up to 19 hours (depending on your phone addiction).
  • Expect to wait at least three hours to charge fully.
  • Processors will struggle with heavy gaming.


To Sum Up

As far as best budget phones are concerned, both Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung J3 would be a better choice for you all. But if you have to pick only one between these two then I would personally choose the Samsung Galaxy S3.

It is the most powerful Android smartphone in the market with an amazing display. With a quad-core processor, 16 GB storage, and 1-2 GB RAM, it’s a powerful Android smartphone that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


Is Samsung Galaxy S3 still worth buying?
Yes, it is still worth buying. With a quad-core processor, 16 GB storage, and 1-2 GB RAM, it’s a powerful Android smartphone that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.
How old is the Samsung J3?
The official release date of Samsung J3 is 2015, November
Is the Samsung Galaxy J3 2018 waterproof?
No, Galaxy J3 Prime is not a waterproof phone and at this price point, there is no phone which offers the Waterproof feature.
Can Galaxy Tab S3 make phone calls?
If you’re getting the 4G Galaxy Tab S3 you’ll be able to make phone calls with a headset. Other features include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, and optional LTE 4G. If you’re getting the LTE version you’ll be able to make phone calls as well.


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