Samsung Galaxy j3 Luna Pro: Features, Specs, Review 2021

Samsung is the one of the most popular brands in the industry of mobile phones and it has many quality smart phones which are used by millions of people all around the world. The brand value of Samsung is 102 billion $ and the revenue which Samsung collects from all over the world is more than 200 billion US dollars. By these figures you can know the worth of Samsung smart phones.

There are many smartphones in the market which are very popular but we have many queries from different people to review about the Samsung galaxy j3 Luna pro. So, let’s find out how good this mobile is and what features and specifications it has.

Samsung Galaxy j3 Luna pro


  • It has a 5 inches TFT LCD screen with the full HD resolution and 16M display colors.
  • The weight of the phone is 0.31 pounds
  • It has the 6.0.1 Android marshmallow operating system
  • This phone has a 1.4HZ Quad-Core processor.
  • The mobile have the 5 Mp back and 2 MP front camera
  • It has 1.5GB RAM and the 16GB storage. 256 GB support SD card
  • It supports 4G LTE from the network
  • The phone has the lithium ion 2600 MAH battery
  • It has four sensors: Geomagnetic Sensor: Gyro Sensor: Accelerometer sensor: Proximity Sensor
  • It has the port for micro USB 2.0



The first thing which is noticed in the mobile is the design and most of the people who purchase mobile are because they are attracted to its design. The Samsung Galaxy Luna pro has the premium and elegant design. 

If you are looking for the mobile which has the plastic body and metal frame then this one is the best option for you. Most of the time the problem with the phones is that they are too heavy to carry around from one place to another but this phone has 0.31 pounds weight which means it is one of the lightweight phones in the market, so you can carry it with you easily.


The screen is the next thing which is very important in smart phones because it is the output surface from which you do all your operations. This Samsung Galaxy j3 Luna pro has the five inches LCD which is not so big as compared to other phones and it will be very easy to hold in your hand because it doesn’t have that big screen.

If you are a movie lover and want to watch the movies or other videos on your smart phone then it has the full HD 1280 x 720 resolution on which you can enjoy your movies and videos with bright colors.


I think the most important thing for the phone nowadays is the camera because of the social media revolution we are passing and everybody wants to update his/her status or stories on Instagram and capture the beautiful pictures to grab the attention of the people.

If we talk about the phone camera this phone has 5 Mp back and 2 MP front camera which is in our view not as good as we were expecting because this is average cameras not some high quality cameras. The video quality is also 1920 x 1080 pixels which we can say normal for this kind of phone.

High Performance

This Samsung Galaxy Luna pro is good in performance wise when we compare it to the previous versions of this series. The processor in this phone is the 1.4 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 SOC and which is using the ADRENO 308 GPU.

This processor makes it faster and smoother than the other models of this series. If you like to do multitasking at one time then you can do it with this phone. But the only downside about this phone is that it has very small RAM of 1.5 GB and the storage of 16 GB which is common like previous models but the good thing is it can support the SD card up to 256 GB.


If you have ever wondered what software is, software is like an application which helps the users to use and understand the functionality of your mobile phone. There are many other software like Firefox OS, Android and IOS these are the all software.

This Samsung Galaxy j3 Luna pro has the Android version 6.0.1 Marshmallow which was quite good at that time when it was released. You can perform every function smoothly and fast with this android version. This android gives you access with the  millions of free games and applications in its play store and you can upgrade it to the latest version Android 7.0 Nougat and 8.0 Oreo

Battery Life

The battery is the most important thing in the smart phone because nobody likes to put your phone on charging after every 5 to 6 hours, so the solution to that is to get a good battery that will last for the longest time possible.

The battery in this phone has 2600MAH which is considered to be the good battery and it gives more than 18 days standby time and 18 hours battery timing on call so, this is the best battery so far.

The other best thing about this phone is that it has removable batteries and you can replace it with if something happened to the battery.

Conectivity of this Phone

Even though we are moving towards the 5G connection phones, we have access to the 4G connection which was good at that time when this phone was released, so that’s why it supported the 4G internet connection.

If you want to share files with some other devices with the Bluetooth then this smart phone has Bluetooth version 4.2 which makes your transferring files more smooth and fast. It also has a jack for headphones, so you can enjoy the songs, movies and other videos. It also has a micro USB port for the connection of the photo printers, and digital cameras with your phone.


The Samsung Galaxy Luna pro has the good low priced phone when we compare it with the other phones from the 2017 but the features in it are outdated as compared to latest phones we have nowadays. 

It has 1.5GB RAM which is nothing if we want to play games or want to do some other things because the least which we are using nowadays is the 4GB RAM which is good enough for playing high quality games and other stuff. The android version in this phone is 6.0.1 marshmallow which is outdated nowadays.

It has 2 MP front and 5 MP back cameras which is not that good, so the overall conclusion is this phone is not good but if you just want to have a smartphone which you are getting under 50$ then you can purchase it from the Amazon.


How big is a Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro?
If we talk about the size of the Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna pro then the size is 5 inches which is quite normal size and you can easily hold it in your hand which is the biggest issue in the smart phones they are big and bulky that even it is very hard to hold in the hands.
What is the RAM of Samsung Galaxy J3 pro?
The RAM of the Samsung Galaxy pro is not that good like the previous models of this series. It has the 1.5 GB RAM which is quite low if we compare to the other phones of this time but back in 2017 it was average kind of RAM and you can use it for the normal functions. You cannot play games with it
What size SD card does my Samsung Galaxy J3 accept?
The best thing about this Samsung phone is that it supports the SD card up to 256GB which makes it memory 272GB because it has 16GB of its internal storage same as the previous models of this generation. This 256GB storage allows you to store the multiple video songs, movies and other applications of your choice.
Does Samsung J3 Pro has a fingerprint sensor?
No, the Samsung j3 Pro doesn’t have the fingerprint sensor. The Samsung other J series models have the fingerprint sensor but J3 pro doesn’t have. This feature is known to be the feature of high end phones but back in 2107 this phone was considered to be an average phone that doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor.
Why does my phone not have a hotspot?
There are two reasons because of which you are facing the issue with the hotspot then you have to look at these two things first our phone has some carrier problem and the other thing is your internet connection is weak. Try to wait for some time and then restart the mobile phone this issue will be solved.

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