Samsung Galaxy Core Prime S820L Review 2021

The research was done in march of 2020 that says that there are 992 million smartphones in the world which is the 26 percent share of the world’s mobile phone market. Samsung is a very well known and trusted brand in the market with a worth of more than 200 billion dollars

If we see the statistics that 2020 was disastrous for the smartphone companies because there are fall in the sales of smart phones but if Samsung manages to sell more than 73 million smart phones which is less than the previous quarter but more than most of the companies in the world.

Samsung galaxy core prime


  • The Samsung S820L has the 4.5 inches screen.
  • It has the Android 5.1 lollipop version.
  • You got 5 megapixel back and 2 megapixel front camera
  • The battery of this cell phone has 2200MAH which gives you more than 20 hours talk time.
  • You are getting 1GB RAM and 8 GB storage with the support of a 128GB SD card.
  • The height of the phone is 5.16 inches, width is 2.68 inches.
  • It has the 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad-Core Processor
  • It is supporting the 4G LTE and Wifi connectivity
  • It has the Bluetooth 4.0 technology.


The Samsung S820L has many features which we’ll discuss and review if they are good for your use or not.

 Slim Design

The most important thing in the phone is its design which makes it stand out from the other phones. The design of the Samsung Galaxy S820L has a very slim, smart and stylish look with very enhanced curves which are adding more beauty to it.

Like all other smart phones in the market it also has the three navigation buttons on it which will make it very easy for the users. It has a power button at the side of the mobile phone.


The camera is the one of the most powerful tools of the smart phone and most of the people purchase the phones because of their good cameras. There are people who are addicted to the photos while travelling, shopping and every other activity and then post them on social media.

If we see the mobile camera of this phone then it has the 5 megapixels back and 2 megapixels front camera which are good if we see it from the person who is in 2014 but in nowadays there are many other high quality cameras in the market so, we would say it is outdated.


In our view the screen of the mobile is one of the important things in the mobile phone because it reduces the distance between the movie and the movie lover. You can watch the movies on your mobile phone wherever you want and with this boom in social media you there are more possibilities for the people.

This Samsung Galaxy S820L has the 4.5 inches screen which is not bad neither can we say outstanding. It’s an average kind of screen on which you can watch the videos/movies in the 800×480 resolution which is not quite good for the people who are living in 2021.

Battery Life

The battery life is also very important in the performance of the phone if your battery is not good it doesn’t matter if your phone has any high quality specifications because you can’t use those specifications.

The Samsung Galaxy S820L has the 2000 MAH battery life which gives you one of the best battery timing as compared to all other smart phones in the market. It gives you more than 20 hours of battery timing for the uninterrupted calls. But if you are going to watch movies or streams then you might see a decrease in the battery life.

Good performance

This smart phone is very fast in all the functions we tried to play different games which we can play in 1GB and they run very smoothly. The data transferring system is also ultra fast which means you can transfer the files through Bluetooth with ultra lightening speed.

The mobile phone comes with the Android 4.4 KitKat upgradable to Android 5.1 Lollipop which is good but not latest in 2021 but the processor of it is quite good which is Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.2GHz quad-core processor. 

If you are planning to stream the videos or movies then you would have a great experience with the 4G LTE internet support. 

Storage capacity

If your mobile doesn’t have good RAM and storage then you will not be able to save your memories and videos and also you cannot save your favorite movies and music songs. The RAM of this phone is very low as compared to the other phones the 1.5 GB RAM is not enough for the tasks we can do nowadays.

The storage is also 8 GB which is very low but the good thing in this phone is that they are giving the slot of SD card which supports SD card up to 128 GB which is not best but we can say normal level storage.

  • Sleek and smart design
  • Good processor
  • It supports the SD card up to 128 GB.
  • Good battery life
  • Good processor
  • It supports the 4G LTE and Bluetooth 4.0 version
  • The RAM is very less only 1.5 GB
  • Camera is not good
  • Very old model smart phone



This is all about the Samsung Galaxy core prime review in which we have told you all the features, specifications, pros and cons. This is a good budget phone which was released in 2014, so we should know that this phone was developed 7 years ago. There are many latest phones that are launched after this phone.

The Android system is very outdated and the RAM is very low of only 1.5 GB which is not good for the tasks which we expect from the smart phone in the 2021. The cameras in these phones are also not good with just 5 megapixels back and 2megapixels front camera.  So, if you are going to buy this mobile phone but this is not a good option you should look for other smart phones.

There are many latest smart phones which come with good specifications but at a low budget price.


Why is my Samsung galaxy core prime so slow?
There would be many reasons for the slow Samsung Galaxy core prime one reason is that if you have many videos, audio and apps in it then this would be the reason of slow phone because the memory is very less for these kinds of tasks and if you want to speed up your phone then you should clear all the things from your phone.
Does the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime have a SIM card?
Yes, you can use any network SIM card in the Samsung galaxy core prime but you have to cut the SIM to micro size because it has the slot for the micro sized SIM like all other its competitors.
Is Samsung Galaxy Core Prime 3G or 4G?
The Samsung Galaxy core prime supports the 4G LTE so if you are planning to stream the high quality videos then it would give you a great speed with the 4G network. There are many other competitors which don’t support the 4G support system, so in comparison to that it is quite an advanced phone of that time.<br />
How can I update my Samsung galaxy core prime?
If you are going to update the Samsung galaxy core prime then go to the apps from there click the setting then find the system updates. Then click update and your phone will be upgraded. This is the easiest way to update your phone.

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