Detail Comparison between LG Stylo 5 VS Samsung A20

Mobile phone now a day is more of a necessity than a luxury. We can stay connected with the world on this device. When you need a new phone you think of a lot of factors.

The first question you ask yourself is what is your regular activity for which you need a mobile phone? Is it a good camera because you like to take pictures of special moments and make videos and upload them online for the world to see?

Or you need a long-lasting battery because your official calls are ringing all day. Or your particular requirement is a powerful processor to carry out some technical work on heavy applications. Or you need to stay on the web all day surfing sites and watching movies and stuff. Or it’s just you need a regular phone that meets your budget. You must choose your phone vigilantly as it’s in your regular day to day use.

Here I am giving you an overall detailed review of all the aspects of LG Stylo 5 and Samsung A20 so that you can make this choice at a glance.

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Samsung A20:

Samsung A20Samsung A-series mobiles are getting people’s attention pretty much in recent times and Samsung A20 provides customers with better design, AMOLED screen, new UI software, and fast charging facility.

We will give you a detailed review regarding its looks, features, and performance to gives you a clear idea of what you are buying.

Samsung A20 Specifications:

Display6.4 inches 720×1560 HD, AMOLED screen
Processor1.6 GHz octa-core
Storage32GB, extendable to 512GB, separate card slot
CameraMain camera 13MP + 5MP, 8MP front cam.
Battery4000mAh with fast charging
Price On Amazon$99.99

Samsung A20 Processor & Software:

Samsung A20 is a good phone for basic level usage with 3GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage. Samsung is using Exynos processing chips and A20 got the Exynos 7884 and 1.6 GHz octa-core processor.

With 3GB RAM Samsung A20 is an ideal mobile phone for the basic level user and God enough for regular games but if you try to play heavy graphic games on it then it will not run as smoothly as expected

The software of the Samsung A20 is a big plus point. The new UI software is designed to be user friendly and efficiently attractive. The redesigned look, nifty animation is proof that UI is working at its level best.

Another interesting and attractive feature of the Samsung A20 is that you can enjoy HD streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Samsung A20 Body & Display:

A good design of the mobile phone catches your eyes on the first look as the Samsung A20 looks sleek and really smooth to hold and operate.

The body of the Samsung A20 is made of plastic with the covering of polycarbonate glass on the back which gives it a shine, smoothness, and stability and it also has 6.4 inches big display. Samsung AMOLED panel with V cutout is a real difference in looks of this mobile as compare to others.

The Display of A20 is set with the latest AMOLED screen which gives you the HD experience which is a treat for the eyes. The AMOLED panel gives not only HD resolution but it also have excellent contrast, real colors and the best part is the option to choose between 4 colors presets. The screen is really light on your eyes, well-adjusted colors which are not sharp enough to your eyes.

Samsung A20 Camera & Sensors:

Samsung has done really good work in improving the quality of their camera software and all those efforts can be seen clearly in A20 camera results. In this price range, the mobile phone has a 13Mp main camera with the support of 5MP for wide-angle shots. If the light is proper the image gives good colors and details of a wide range.

The camera focuses real quick outdoors and also in low light, the click might look a bit fuzzy but the camera software jumps in and changes it into a worthy picture. You can also have a landscape mode click to cover a wide range but the image looks blurry from the edges. When the camera detects the face camera software provides portrait mode for the best click.

The fingerprint sensor is more on the top side of the back but it works really fast and unlocks the screen in the blink of an eye. The A20 also has a face unlock feature which works efficiently, so the mobile is sleek, pretty, efficient, and completely secure.

Samsung A20 Battery:

The Samsung A20 provides its users the big powerhouse of 4000mAh battery with fast charging facility. With USB Type-C charging port and 15W of fast charging adopter this mobile phone gives you a battery timing of more than one day most of the days and also the capacity to change rapidly.

  • Slim and sleek shape
  • AMOLED display
  • Separate card slot
  • 4000mAh battery with fast charging
  • IU software
  • Low display resolution
  • Slow performance
  • Average camera performance

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LG Stylo 5:LG Stylo 5

As Samsung and Apple iPhone holding a big share of the mobile market, LG mobiles are making their own place with an aluminum body, glass front, HD pixels, and high-quality camera.

We will give you a detailed review of LG Stylo 5 that how it looks, work, and perform for the customer.

LG stylo 5 specifications:

Display                6.2 inches 1080×2160 pixels    
Processor1.4 GHz 64bit octa-core
Camera13MP main camera and 5MP front cam.
Price On Amazon$99.00

LG Stylo 5 Processor & Storage:

LG Stylo 5 is a great deal for the gamer as it has 3GB RAM and 1.8GHz octa-core processor. With this powerful processor you can run high-resolution games and other apps pretty easily.

With 3GB RAM, LG Stylo 5 works perfectly for the basic users and if you play 3D games on it sometimes the Ram might cause lacking but it happens rarely, most of the time its works smoothly and easily.

The built-in memory of LG Stylo 5 is 32 GB with SD card compatibility you can extend it to 512GB. The basic internal memory is enough for pictures and video but you can upgrade it as per your need.

LG Stylo 5 Body & Display:

The LG Stylo 5 has a body made of aluminum and the front is secure with Gorilla glass covering which makes this phone solid and long-lasting. The length of the mobile is 6.3 inches with a thickness of 0.3 inches not only makes it sleek but also durable.

The display screen of LG Stylo 5 is 6.2 inches wide which allows you to enjoy pictures, videos, and gaming. You can also manage your documents with ease.

LG Stylo 5 Camera & Sensors:

The LG Stylo 5 has a 13MP high-resolution camera which allows you to click photos and videos with great picture quality. The flashlight helps you to take a clear click in dim light. The front camera is 5MP which is fine for selfies but not recommended for group photos and photo printing.

The mobile phone is not only sleek and efficient but it’s also secure with fingerprint unlock and face detection. You can enjoy playing games and taking pictures, videos and also you keep them secure with fingerprints or face lock.

LG Stylo 5 Battery:

Battery strength is the main concern while buying a new mobile these days and with a 3500mAh non-removable battery LG Stylo 5 gives you good battery support to do your work pretty all day.

This mobile is mostly liked by gamers and as it gives good game playing time to them with HD graphics this is an ideal choice for them to have.

  • Large display
  • High resolution 1080×2160
  • 3500mAh big battery
  • Best for high quality gaming.
  • Aluminum body and glass front.
  • Weak front camera
  • FM not supported

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Where is screenshot in Samsung A20?
To capture the screenshot in Samsung A20 press the Power button and Volume Down button together at the same time. The image will automatically save in gallery.
Is Samsung A20 wireless charging?
The Samsung A20 is supported to wireless charging but it comes with USB Type-C port with fast charging facility.
Is Samsung A20 waterproof?
Unfortunately, Samsung A20 is not waterproof and nor is it water-resistant.
How much does LG Stylo 5 worth?
The LG Stylo 5 with 3 GB Ram and 32 GB internal storage worth $298.
Can LG Stylo 5 use wireless charging?
Yes, LG Stylo 5 has an ultra-thin Qi wireless charger which gives you cable-free fast charging.

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