LG 329g Tracfone Review – (Specs & Feature) In 2021

The LG 329G is a non-Android phone that supports the Tracfone service. It has a modern design that will appeal to the modern user but has the simplicity of a phone with looks and is also available at a very affordable price.

A full-featured mobile is what people can expect from Tracfone LG. 329G. As part of the Tracfone device that is not an Android device, this phone can be used with the Tracfone service.

This is a simple featured phone that has all of the major standard features that a phone should have. Although it is just a standout phone, it has a modern design that will appeal to the modern user who is already used to the look of a smartphone.


The LG 329G has its pros and cons, and it is obvious that this phone is intended for those who use a phone to make occasional calls and send text messages. Those who enjoy making calls and texting should look at other options from Tracfone.

Other than that, this phone is a decent phone that works well as a means of communication and it doesn’t hurt either that it was offered for $9.99 on Tracfone’s website.

An overview of its features are as follows:

  • Entries: The phone book of LG 329G is capable to hold up to 500 entries. It makes the whole part of calling and texting friends and family is so easy.
  • Provides long talk time: Since this phone uses Tracfone service, it provides people with talk time that is more than enough to allow people to make calls to other people they want wherever they are.
  • Flexible Plan: Tracfone provides a flexible plan that allows people to choose the amount of airtime they want to add to this phone.
  • Some Other Features: The phone also comes with other features such as preloaded wallpapers and ringtone. It is easy for users to change the ringtone and also wallpaper based on their personal preference.

If they get bored with the available wallpaper and ringtone, they can download more graphics and ringtone.

LG 329g Tracfone – OverviewSpecifications

  • Brand: LG
  • Battery: 2.1 hours
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion.
  • Stand By Time: Up to 8.8 Days
  • Connectivity: 3G
  • Memory: 1024 GB
  • Weight: 2.68 (ounces)
  • Size: 4.41 inch x 1.85 inch x 0.56 inch
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Headphone Cable, Telephone Cable, Mouse Cable etc.
  • Accessories: AC Adapter, Battery


  • 3G speed
  • Alarm Clock
  • Browser
  • Color Screen
  • Graphics Download
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Multimedia Messaging
  • Phone Book with up to 500 Entries
  • Ringtones Download
  • Speakerphone
  • Vibration Alert
  • Voice Dialing
  • Voice/Sound Recorder
  • Voicemail


The LG 329G has a basic function of the phone design. A 2-inch screen takes up half of the front layout, and the bottom half is the alphanumeric keyboard. There’s no button on the edges of the phone, just a charging port on the left. The back cover is flat and can be removed to reveal the battery. The SIM card slot is below the battery as shown when lifting the battery.


LG 329g has a battery with a capacity of 950 mAh that offers a talk time of 2 hours and a standby time of 8 days. The talk-time of 2.1 hours is very short and this is one of the drawbacks of this phone. Long calls during the day will need to charge the phone more than once and this is not a practical step.

However, if you use this phone for a limited period of time, the battery can get you through a full day of work.


LG’s proprietary operating system runs on the LG 329G. It is powered by a 184 MHz processor. It has very simple features that are suitable for anyone who is just looking for a phone to make calls and send text messages. Users can also use this phone to connect to Internet access. This is considered a standard feature that should be in every type of phone these days as users are already used to having an internet connection available.

So the ability to connect to the internet at 3G speed with this phone is a good thing.

  • Internet Connectivity with fast 3G speed.
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility.
  • Large capacity phonebook with up to 500 entries.
  • Compact phone perfect for one-hand operations.
  • Device Compatibility is not very good.

To Sum Up

A full mobile function is what people can expect to get from Tracfone LG 329G. As part of Tracfone non-Android devices, this phone can be used with Tracfone service. This is a simple featured phone that has all the key standard features of a phone.

Although it is only a featured phone, it has a modern design that will appeal to modern users who are already used to the look of a smartphone.

I will recommend this phone to you all.


Is Tracfone better than Verizon?
TracFone offers cheaper plans since it has not invested much in network infrastructure. However, the plans are limited and suitable for people who do not use their phones much. It beats Verizon in the cost aspect, but Verizon is the number one carrier in the United States, due to its reliability and performance. They both are best on their own, the choice depends on your needs.
Where can I get my Tracfone fixed?
Yes, you get your Tracfone fixed by following the steps below: • Contact TracFone customer service by phone at 800-867-7183. • Provide the representative with your mobile phone number and the reason for your call. • Request a replacement phone for your broken phone. If your phone is still under warranty, a replacement will be mailed to you.
Are Tracfones any good?
TracFone’s low-priced plans are a great option for anyone who doesn’t use their phone a lot, but if you’re looking for unlimited talk, text, and data, look elsewhere.
Are incoming calls free on TracFone?
Minutes are deducted for all incoming and outgoing calls, including waiting calls, simultaneous calls, toll-free calls, and calls to 411, 611, Customer Care, and your voicemail.


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