LG 305c (Specs & Feature) Review In 2021

If you are looking for a low-cost prepaid wireless Tracphone in America, this phone is the first choice for you. It is a very popular wireless tracphone in America. We will tell you about the features, pros, and cons of the LG 305c review LG 305c touch screen tracphone.

If you have used the LG 306, then it is probably the same; the only difference between them is that they are using the network services of Verizon.

LG 305c



  • It has a 2 Megapixels camera.
  • It has 3G and Wifi network connectivity.
  • You can do SMS as well as MMS with it.
  • It comes with a 4GB SD card.
  • It supports the 32 GB SD for extended memory.
  • It has an MP3 player.
  • It has Bluetooth version 2.1
  • You are getting 3.2 inches touch screen.
  • The dimensions are 4.08″ x 2.47″ x 0.47″
  • The weight of the cell phone is 3.80 pounds.
  • It has a strong battery with a 10 days standby time.



If we have to recommend someone, why you should buy this tracphone is the wifi feature of this phone. We were amazed by the feature that the wifi network in this tracphone allows you to browse the internet seamlessly.

The other best thing about this kind of phone is that it has a 4GB built-in memory that you can utilize to store many pictures and songs and enjoy them in your free time. And if you find it less, it also supports the 32GB supports for the memory card.

Most android phones are not very friendly for the people who are texters, and they have to do heavy texting with their loved ones because of the three buckets feature in it but not this one. This phone does not have the Bucket that makes this phone perfect for the texters like me.

It has the Bluetooth version of 2.1 that is quite famous when it was released. Using this Bluetooth, you cannot transfer the files from some distance, but still, it can help you in some basic tasks.

Another thing that we cannot ignore about this phone is that it has an mp3 player in which you can enjoy unlimited songs in your free time. The camera in this phone is 2 Megapixels, but it will still record some videos and other important stuff not in high quality, but at least you can record.

It has 3.2 inches touch screen that was quite impressive when released because, at that time, there were not that many touch screens around you; its touch screen has a separate fan bass.

We want to discuss the last thing with this phone because it has good battery timing of 3 hours call time and more than seven days standby time. But when we compare these to the other LG phones, then in this feature it is not that good because different phones have 10 days of standby time.

If you are going to buy these mobile phones, you should look at your area network provider because if in your area Verizon does not operate, you will be wasting your few bucks. Now, if you have decided to buy the LG 305, you need to check it on Amazon and eBay, and there are many chances you can buy it within the 30$.

  • The cheapest phone in the town
  • 3.2 inches touch screen
  • It supports the 2G, 3G, and wifi
  • Built-in memory of 4GB
  • Small and lightweight design
  • Perfect for the people who text a lot.
  • It has an mp3 player for your free time.
  • Battery timing is less than the other LG mobiles
  • Mobile camera is just 2 megapixels
  • You have limited access to apps


The LG 305c is one of the cheapest phones you can buy means if you go to Amazon, you can buy this phone for just 20$. You have heard it right; you can buy it in 20 bucks.

If you need a phone for just calling and texting, this might be one of the best phones because it has a seven-day standby battery. You can also do web surfing with the 3G or wifi network on this phone.

It also uses the promo codes and the triple minute’s offer, and that means if you buy the 30 minutes airtime from the network company, it will become 90.

So, overall it is a good budget phone for the people who want to buy the phone just for the call, messages, and other limited fun at a low price.


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