Comparison Between IPhone 11 Pro vs IPhone 7 plus

It’s been around 4 plus years since iPhone launched iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, and a year-plus since they launched iPhone 11 pro so both phones are in the market for a considerable amount of time, and a detailed review of the capabilities of each phone can be mentioned.

When iPhone 7 plus was launched it was a phone that had a great camera, clear display, fast processor, and good battery life. But now it is in comparison to the new iPhone 11 pro. Well, this iPhone 11 has an improved display, longer battery life, crystal clear camera work, and lightning-fast processor.

Durability and design comparison

iPhone 11 Pro is a great phone with highly improved durability and design than iPhone 7 plus. It uses stainless steel and glass design to build up such durability. It is using IP68 that ensures the water resistance up to 4m

iPhone 7 was launched with an aluminum body that kicks quite outdated. Due to its massive bezel outlining it looks quite aged. Touch ID is now replaced with face identification that is more modern and up-to-date technology. Face recognition has shown some failures over this year.

iPhone 11 Pro has a wireless charging system which wasn’t present in the iPhone 7plus

Display comparison

IPhone 11 pro is definitely a step up in display section from iPhone 7 plus. IPhone 11 pro display screen is 5.8 inch that is bigger than iPhone 7 plus that is 5.5 inch. Better display means better view. You can watch your favourite movies and play games with bigger display ease and comfort.

One big addition from iPhone 7 plus to iPhone 11 is Super Retina XDR display. While iPhone 7 plus had retina LCD display. This is a huge addition of new technology. With this retina XDR you are able to get better contrast, viewing angle are great and the biggest factor is the massive increase in quality. If you like to play virtual games and watch your favourite Netflix series iPhone 11 pro is the phone for you

The display and design for iPhone 11 pro is one of the greatest in current day si upgrade to iPhone 11 pro is a wise decision.

Performance comparison

Well if you talk about A10 Fusion chip that is installed in iPhone 7 plus was one of its kind processing chip when iPhone 7 plus was launched. It worked really fast and was best in its time. But in iPhone 11 pro A13 Bionic chip is just out of the world thing. It is far more powerful than iPhone 7 plus processor. If not more it is the most power efficient processor in a smartphone. It has the fastest CPU & GPU inside any phone now a days.

If you are a PUBG player than you will just love iPhone 11 pro as it has  a lot more RAM (4GB ) than iPhone 7 plus. IPhone 7 plus shows difficulty in playing such heavy games. IPhone 11 pro shows great compatibility of multitasking as well where iPhone 7 plus lacks.

From performance viewpoint iPhone 11 pro is a huge jump from iPhone 7 plus.

Camera work comparison

Well as performance design and display of iPhone 11 pro is far better than iPhone 7 plus camera is no different. IPhone 7 plus had one camera option 12 MP and also lacked portrait mode. On the contrary iPhone 11 pro have 3 camera options and also equipped with portrait mode.

The quality of iPhone 11 pro camera is impeccable. It provides an ultra-wide camera Angle option that entirely magnifies the perspective of image capturing. Telephoto sensor is available in iPhone 11 pro that enhances the contrast and improves the picture taking experience.

Video recording experience is also grand with iPhone 11 pro as it provide video stabilization and wider dynamic range available at your disposal.

IPhone 11 pro front camera 12MP is a huge upgrade from iPhone 11 plus 7MP. IPhone 11 pros front camera has a slightly wider view field means you get to have selfie with more people. Another new feature that you can find in iPhone 11 pros front camera is SLOFIES. These are slow moo videos in 4k resolution

Now a days content creator need such phones that provide them with alot of imaging options so iPhone 11 pro is going to be their top choice.

Connectivity and battery life comparison

Both iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 11 pro have only one common aspect that they both don’t have headphones Jack. IPhone 11 pro 1.6 Gbps Gigabit LTE modem, faster Wi-Fi 6 support, Bluetooth 5.0 and Apple’s new Ultra-Wideband chip. IPhone 7 plus doesn’t have giga bite chip or 4×4 MIMO

As far as battery is concerned iPhone 11 pro lasts 5 hours longer than iPhone 7 plus. So you get to have a wireless charging option with iPhone 11 pro that lacks in iPhone 7 plus

Cost comparison

The cost comparison is way apart. Launch price of iPhone 7 plus is $769 but iPhone 11 pro starts from $999 and goes all the way to $1,449. IPhone is a very expensive phone but giving the upgrades it is offering it is worth the price depending on your use of it. If your pri level use justifies the cost you must go for it

Comparison Chart

iPhone 11 proiPhone 7 plus
Display5.8 inch OLED5.5 inch diagonal
Weight188 grams188 grams
Rare cameraTriple 12 MP Ultra-wide – Wide – Telephoto camera12MP wide-angle and telephoto camera
Front camera12MP7MP
ProcessorA13 Bionic chipsetA10 Fusion chipset
Video recording4k video recording at 24 fps, 30 fps, or 60 fps4k video recording at 30fps
Battery3190 mAh2900 mAh
Storage64GB, 256GB, 512 GB32GB, 128GB, 256GB


IPhone 11 pro pros & cons

  • Captures great scenes and beautiful pictures
  • Great gaming with 5.8 inch OLED display
  • Slo-mo selfies option
  • Great battery time


    IPhone 7 plus pros & cons

    • Splash and water-resistant
    • Choice of 4 colours
    • Battery life better than previous iPhones
    • Dual lens take a good pic



      If we Want to conclude here we can say that even after 4 years iPhone 7 plus can be a good investment if you are tight on the budget but to be honest iPhone 11 pro is the phone of today and way ahead of iPhone 7 plus in almost every way. More advanced features and new technology is the part of the iPhone 11 pro so if you have some money to spend iPhone 11 pro would be a great phone to have.

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