HTC Desire 526: Specifications, Features – Review 2021

There was a time when there was a craze in the people to buy the HTC smartphones when the smartphone industry was started growing after 2010. HTC is a Taiwanese company which is famous for designing its electronic products like computers and laptops.

A report says that HTC has sold 0.4 million smartphones domestically in the year 2019 which is a good number for this kind of company.  The HTC smartphones are available in probably all companies and they earn a handsome amount of their revenues through exports.

Today we’ll review an HTC Desire 526 because there are many people talking about this so, let’s review.


  • It has 4.7 inches LCD screen display
  • The Android version of this smart phone is 5.1 lollipop
  • It has a RAM of 1.5 GB internal storage of 8 GB and you can also insert the card up to 200 GB.
  • The mobile has 8 megapixels of back camera and 2 megapixels of front camera
  • The HTC desire 526 has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.1GHz quad-core processor
  • It has the 2000 MAH removable battery
  • It has the 4G LTE and wifi networks
  • There are two sensors in it Accelerometer and Proximity.
  • It also has the GPU of Adreno 304.

HTC Desire 526 Review 2021


1: Glossy Design

The design is the first thing which we notice in the smart device so, if you are looking for a new mobile you might do the same. The HTC desire 526 comes in a mid-budget price range.

But looking at the design of the phone you can’t judge that if it is a budget phone or a premium one. I just love the phones which have a glossy back cover and this design is not very common in budget phones. It has a textured feel which is a complimentary addition to the look and design of the mobile.

Overall the design of the mobile phone is very sleek and attractive.

2: Impressive Camera

The camera of the HTC desire 526 has a very good quality camera which is very good at capturing high-quality videos and photos. It has a 2 Mp front and back camera. 

The camera of the mobile is not so good if we see it from 2021 because we have the other best camera mobile phones but this camera for the phone of 2014 is pretty good. It has also a very valuable feature of autofocus which helps you in clicking photos by automatically focusing on the objects.

If we look at the price of the HTC Desire 526 then the camera is very impressive in this price range and model.

3: Screen and Display

The screen of this phone is 4.7 inches which means that it is not from that big phones that don’t fit in normal hands but you can hold this phone clearly. It has the super LCD display which is used by all models of HTC so you are getting the screen that is used in some premium HTC mobiles.

The colors and sharpness of the screen also show that it is a premium level screen which was not expected from this level of phone. You can watch the videos and movies on the 540 x 960 pixels resolution which is quite low but still good for this kind of phone.

4: Removable battery

The battery is a very important part of the phone because it is responsible for all the features that you can run on your phone. Nowadays there is a problem that most of the mobile comes with Non-removable battery. 

So, when the battery is dead you have to change the whole set but I love the removable ones because you can change the battery if there is some problem with the battery.

It has a decent 2000 MAH battery which will work for you the whole day without any interruption but if you are using streaming or playing online games then it would give battery timing of 8 to 9 hours otherwise you don’t need to worry about the battery

5: RAM and Storage

The RAM of this HTC is quite low but as we said before that this cell was released in 2014 so, at that time all other mobiles of this range have 1.5 GB of RAM, which is understandable. 

But the internal storage of the mobile surprised me. It has 8GB storage which is good and perfect for most basic memory needs but if you are planning to store some extra movies or videos then it also supports the memory card up to 200 GB which is perfect for the users.

So, in the RAM wise, it is not that satisfying as the internal storage.

6: Good Performance

The first thing which I like about the HTC is that it has a very good user interface which is not available in most of the phones of this time. The user interface is the only thing that makes it stand out from its other competitors.

The processor of the phone is quite good which allows you to multitask on the different apps at the same time. The other best thing which is developed in only the HTC set is that they have made a specific processor for the gaming functionality which is called Adreno 304 GPU. 

It also has Bluetooth 4.1, FM radio, and wi-fi connectivity as all other competitors of its range.


The HTC Desire 526 G is a good phone and we have described all the features it has above but the only problem with this phone is that it was released for the people of 2014. It has low RAM but the storage is quite good.

The other good thing is the interface of the mobile phone which gives it a premium level mobile and the other thing is the dedicated processor for gaming. It has also a 2000 MAH battery which will give you the battery timing of one day.

So, we can say that it is a good phone which you can buy at a low price but by adding just a little amount into it will give you any other good phone


Is HTC Desire 526G plus 4G?
No, the HTC Desire 526 does not support the 4G network but it only supports the 2G and 3G which was available at the time when it was released. But if it was released in the recent past then there would be the 4G connectivity.
How to reset HTC Desire 526g dual SIM?
If you are want to reset the HTC Desire 526 then you have to remove the battery and then wait for few seconds and put it back on the mobile. The other method of reset is to press the volume up button and power off button for a long time and then it will show you the boot mode click on it and your mobile will reset.

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