Comparison Between Visible vs Total Wireless

In the competitive market of cell phone providers now we are going to give you a detailed comparison of Visible Wireless and Total Wireless connections. Here we will be talking about their coverage, features, plans, and most importantly cost, and then you can choose which one is the one for you considering your preferences.

Visible Wireless:

Visible wireless
Visible Wireless has no speed caps for now.

Visible Wireless is a cellular network provider of recent times. They skipped the regular distributor system and opted for a more modern approach.

As you go online on their website and choose your desired plan and you will get a Sim card via mail. You activate the sim card and Download the application and your phone is ready to use.

The most stood out aspect for Visible Wireless is its substantially yet affordability. As all MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) they use Verizon’s Wireless network to provide their services and face some issues with DE prioritization.

Their phone data slows down as other users are being favored. All in all the $40 unlimited plan is a treat for many customers and is half the price in comparison to rivals

Visible Wireless plans:

Visible Wireless provides you with an unlimited data plan at a very cheap rate of $40. This is a great plan for data-hungry people. The only issue is the slow speed that you have to face when other customers are given priority over your plan

Visible Wireless features:

Visible Wireless provides us with unlimited talk, text, and data for just $40 a month. This is an overall pretty great plan. It has no data speed caps, extra taxes or fees, or any major gaps in its coverage.

Data/Speed Limitation:

Nowadays there are tons of data grades are available. 2G data, 3G data, 4G data, LTE data, and depending on your location even 5G is also in the market. These terms define your data speed and speed is important. Good speed helps you with everything.

With MVNO’s in between, you might have to face data throttling. It’s after the usage of a set amount of data. This means you might be getting the speed of 1-3 Mbps instead of 5-10 Mbps even when you are on having an unlimited plan.

No Extra Charges

It’s natural when you buy something you need a wholesome economical figure that gives you the value of your money but when we are bound to pay above it in sales taxes or fees or anything it makes us less likely to go for it. But here $40 includes EVERYTHING. Taxes, fees, or any other expense you can think of.


With the help of the Verizon network, Visible Wireless got you covered almost everywhere. Being run on the Verizon network it’s not only the coverage you are getting, you are getting the quality and the speed as well


With Visible Wireless you are getting unlimited use of hotspot but the limit is of 5 Mbps which is still good for browsing and streaming. Only one device can be tethered at a time

Data DE prioritization:

As we have discussed the matter of data throttling it’s similar to data DE prioritization. It’s when you have to face lower speed during rush hour. The Verizon mobile set priorities on customers that can get high speed when the network has too much traffic in one area. Evening commute time it’s hard to stream or browse your favorite Netflix video this is the reason why.

Lower quality video streaming:

Video stream quality is kept at 480p that is basic DVD quality. But on a 5-inch screen, not many people will notice the difference between 720p and 480p

Visible Wireless Family plans:

Visible Wireless provides the same unlimited package for you and your family members. It works in range. If you add one family member it’s unlimited data at $35 each month. With the addition of 3 family members it gets down to $30 a month but the inclusion of 4 people goes down to $25 monthly for one line

  • No speed caps for now
  • Economical Unlimited plan
  • Verizon network provider
  • User-friendly website
  • Simpler plan
  • Taxes and fees included
  • DE prioritization of Data
  • Lower quality Video Streaming
  • App-based services
  • Just one plan
  • Limited phone compatibility

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Total Wireless:

Total Wireless
Total Wireless provides you cheap plan.

It might come as a surprise for you but Total Wireless is also using Verizon wireless equipment, machinery, and towers to provide customers with mobile data services.

The difference is that Total Wireless also providing their front end customer services. So you will get after-sales support as well.

Data/ speed limitations:

Total is also providing good data plans. As they are giving unlimited minutes and texts with a 5GB data plan. They are limiting the data usage to 5GB at the cost of $35.

With their unlimited plan, you get unlimited minutes, unlimited texts plus unlimited data at the cost of $50. The quality of calls is great and there are no complaints of dropping calls.

Network Coverage:

A little while ago mobile Hotspot wasn’t allowed at Total Wireless but then with time, its importance was realized and Total Wireless changed and upgraded the hotspot as it is an integral part because people are always working.


A little while ago mobile Hotspot wasn’t allowed at Total Wireless but then with time, its importance was realized and Total Wireless changed and upgraded the hotspot as it is an integral part because people are always working.


Total Wireless has given customers support through their website as well. The overall customer services are great through front end store as well as a website that provides navigation properly to customers.

There are also reward programs where customers can play games and get benefited from reward points which then can be used to buy add on with a nominal fee.

  • Unlimited text and talk
  • Available in retail stores
  • Availability of Shared data plans
  • Device payment plans
  • Cheap add-on available
  • Absence of unlimited data plans

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Giving a Conclusion is a very tricky job. It depends on the user what their needs are. If they want the unlimited data offer or they don’t stream that much and have limited usage of data. Then Visible Wireless is a great option.

If coverage is the one to look for then one should go for Total Wireless as the call never drops.


Is visible wireless good?
Although it’s a new cell phone provider with a hint of a doubt it will be going to be the new favorite and a total game-changer for many cell phone customers. It gives you the facility to pay your phone bill quite easily using Venmo. All of the above the most attractive thing about visible wireless is its huge but still affordable unlimited plans to give good cell phone services.
Which network is total wireless on?
Total wireless is on Verizon, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). You can say it’s like piggybacks on another company ‘a network. Verizon has the largest network in the country which helps total wireless regarding its network coverage.
Is visible as good as Verizon?
Verizon covers a big area in the country regarding network coverage and visible wireless runs on Verizon’s network. Verizon network not only provides you good coverage the quality of the network and overall speed makes Verizon the best cell phone provider in the country.
Is visible better than cricket?
Comparing visible to the cricket you will get a clear answer that visible is a better choice especially for those who want to enjoy the good family plans of the company and also want to have separate billing. As we know that visible is using Verizon services and its coverage is available almost around the country. So clearly visible is the better choice as Compare to cricket as it also provides coverage in most of the ruler areas.
Is total wireless a prepaid service?
Total Wireless is a prepaid mobile network that has good and simple cheap calling plans for their customers. This virtual mobile network operates from TracFone and has great packages. As per total wireless customer service, the average data speed around the country is 5MB per second. Like all the other best companies total also use the network service of Verizon.

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